List of companies

AKATSU INDUSTRY CO., LTD. Manufacture and sale of Screw
Kinsei Engineering Inc. Casting, Machining, Surface treatment, Device design, A design
Kouwa Precision CO., LTD. Prototype・Mold・Rare(minor)-metal
SATTE SPRING CO., LTD. Manufacture and sale of Spring
Nikko Seisakusho CO., LTD. Sheet metal stamping / Design and production of dies
MICROTECH CO., LTD. Cutting/Grinding/EDM
SOWA CO., LTD. Design and production of test equipment
OTSUKA FACTORY CO., LTD. Jig and Labor Saving Machinery
Suzuki-Industry Co.,Ltd Blanking, Bending, Welding can manufacturing of Sheet metal
M.TECH CO., LTD. Processing of complex shapes with all-in-one NC lathe
KIKUCHI SEIKI Co.,Ltd Large machining (aerospace)