Kinsei Engineering Inc.

Casting, Machining, surface treatment,device design, a design

Contact +81-287-36-1077 / Sales:Tsukii(KKK_V pulley/FENA)・Oshima(machinery)・Inose(Overseas sales)
Address Factory: 353-6 Niku-cho,Nasushiobara,Tochigi,329-2733 JAPAN
Address Overseas sales base: Germany (Dusseldorf), United States (Silicon Valley), Singapore

Casting~Machining~ In a consistency factory of the surface treatment from industrial equipment to a design product

Power transmission part by the house brand development 【KKK V pulley】It is the bestseller of 45 years since a release start . Recently a new brand of the interior design 【FENA四季(FENA-SHIKI)】I develop an epoch-making wine cooler for a setup, the first in FENA-SHIKI. I challenge the overseas market by the technical collaboration plan with Asada malleable ironworks with the complete built-in hollow structure patent that has been non-enabled by the casting. The basic technology producing these company products is evaluated in the very wide industry.
A casting part of KINSEI is incorporated in many machineries. (The field is industrial robot / car / construction machine / machine tool / agricultural machine / electric equipment / semiconductor apparatus / ship engine / physics and chemistry apparatus / medical screening apparatus.)

The total strength of KINSEI Engineering lies in our totally integrated production system.

It is not most suitable partially and suggests a visitor merit by the whole optimization by re-priority by all processes including the cooperation maker not to mention a process in the company!