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Micro Springs change the precision world!

Widest range of sizes in the industry:
We can make springs with measurements of 14μ in wire diameter and 70μ in outer diameter. We are adept across the spectrum, manufacturing springs from 14μ in wire diameter all the way to 12mm?
the widest range in the industry. With our excellent spring processing technology, we contribute to develop and make commercial use of your new products. We turn your requests into reality.

Our solution

We make a value analysis proposal - achieving space saving to use rectangular and irregular shaped wires.
As we have advantage in our products that are made of difficult-to-process special materials such as high tensile material, high heat resistant material, Tungsten and Titanium, we can propose a unique solution that our competitors cannot do.

Complex shape machining

While 4 up to 20 are considered as optimal in D/d (average diameter ÷ wire diameter), we have managed in mass manufacturing unique-shaped springs with a minimum and maximum D/d levels of 2.3 up to 75.