Nikko Seisakusho CO., LTD.

Sheet metal stamping, Design and production of dies

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Address Factory: 1270-36 Tomecho,Hitachi,IBARAKI 319-1231 JAPAN

Proposal-based manufacturing service saves customers’ cost and time.

Drawing / Sheet metal stamping / Progressive In-Die-Tapping / Robot stamping / ISO9001 / KES(STEP2)

In order to meet various customer needs and requests quickly and to provide the best proposal, we mobilize our unique technique and know how that have been developed over many years.
Our activity is especially useful to support the prototype development. It has been appreciated by the customers of various industrial market such as home appliance, OA equipment, automotive and electronic.

Based on the customers' request, we quickly
provide the manufacturing process of best
performance of cost and productivity by die design,
machine selection, and quality control.

Various press working processes are available.

Wide range of sheet thickness: t0.05~t9.00
Progressive in die tapping: t0.3 M1.0~t6.0 M10.0,
Up to five holes are available in one process.