The strength of GLIT is speed and unity power.

A business partner is in Germany, the United States, China, and the local meeting is possible, too.
We can represent the OEM production and business of the product which wants to be sale in Japan.
We become the partner who we make a product, and sells.

feature of glit

Our Mission

The improvement which are an additional value and technology by cooperation.

Equipment name Ability Number
NClathe, Combined lathe, Lathe Material diameter φ1.0~φ600.0 80
Machining center (5-axis、3-axis) Table size(Max) 1530 X 660 Movable scope X1530×Y660×Z650 16
Grinding (Surface, Molding , Centerless) Table size(Max) 1400 X 800 Movable scope X2250×Y910 37
Drilling (Jig boring , etc) Table size(Max) 1830 X 1200 Movable scope X1530×Y1020×Z925 23
Milling machine (Vertica , Plain)   8
Sheet metal (Turret punch , Laser cutting , Bending) Steel plate t0.5~t6.0 / Aluminum and stainless steel t0.5~t6.0 11
Welding (Gas , Arc , Semi-automatic)   16
Induction furnace , Electric furnace   16
Coiling machine Wire diameterφ0.014(World’s smallest)~φ12.0 15
Electrical discharge machining (Wire , die sinking)   21
AMF-type high-speed high-pressure flaskless moldingplant   1line
Emission spectrophotometric analyzers 22 elements of ingredient analysis 1
Measuring (3D , Roundness , Surface , Imaging)   10