NC lathe・Turning

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Processing of complex shapes with all-in-one NC lathe

Precision cutting / Combined machining / Assembly / ISO9001 / ISO13485 / ISO14001 / Size Φ1.0~32.0

As an affiliate of M.TECH JAPAN, we specialize in precision machining and micro-processing using NC lathe.
In particular, we possess unique long-thin processing technology, developed in-house. One of a kind in the world.
Currently, in addition to M.TECH’s business as a contractor, we also import outstanding Japanese products, such as small NC lathes, jigs and power conserving electric apparatus and hand presses .

Micro Long and Thin Processing Technology

The company developed processing technology and facility for micro-long and thin parts so small that it can be used inside the body for medical
Materials that we process are iron, stainless steel, copper alloy, titanium, etc.
Size can be as small as φ0.05mm and the length can be as long as 10 times its diameter.

Our company achieved real-time correction control with a CCD camera installed system.

Our factory is furnished with the latest equipment including 32 CNC lathe, contour measuring device, roundness tester, digital microscope, etc.
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