Kouwa Precision CO., LTD.


URL http://www.kouwa-ss.com
E-Mail info@kouwa-ss.com
Contact +81-29434-5311 / CEO Takayuki Sato
Address FACTORY 1-13-20,Suwa-cho,Hitachi-city,Ibaraki-Pref,316-0001,Japan

Proposal for the Prototype one-stop / Never give up development

Prototype/ Medical&CareEquipment /Difficult-to-cutMaterials / Labor-savingEquipment / VariousMolds

The factory which doesn't say No.
We are looking mainly produce the research and development products.
It contracted the work of medical institutions, hospitals and various universities, development agencies.

Troubled ...~ resolve Manufacturing

Wall necessarily Getting Help in the field of development exists. Our Manufacturing will start from there.
From experience, who was involved in a lot of development, a completely different approach, seek and will continue to raise create as shape.

Always given new challenges

Our business is always up-to-date in the field.
Development of new products, we have been working to skill up by the processing of difficult-tocut materials and new materials.
We are confident to be in the development capabilities, design capabilities and manufacturing capabilities