Suzuki-Industry Co.,Ltd

Blanking,Bending,Welding can manufacturing of Sheet metal

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Address factory 1079-1 Suwa-cho, Hitachi-shi, Ibaraki-ken 316-0001

The technological carrier which is 60 years in Precision metal sheet and Weld can manufacturing

Turret punch , Laser cutting / Bending / Welding (Gas , Arc , Semi-automatic)
Strong point :
・We have confidence in the Quality and Delivery dates.
・The product making added to customer's needs processes it.
Major product : Control board and distributor box of all fields

Our product

Application material : Steel, SUS, Aluminum(0.5t-6.0t)
Application size :Max 1,200W・2,400L・2,300H
*We make a product using the technology and the
trust grown for 60 years!
*We observe the quality and a delivery dates.
* We cope with all customer's needs!