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Combined machining for precision parts

precision grinding/ultra-precision parts processing/combined machining

Microtech specializes in the production of “high hardness,” ultra-precision,” and “ultra-micro” parts from the trial to the final stage. Our equipment and expertise is equipped to deal with difficult, micro-level part production for major items composed of high-hardness materials such as high-speed steel and cemented carbide.
Microtech has achieved success in a wide array of industries like power train related precision parts for motor vehicles, barrel parts for digital cameras, and plastic molding die for gears that have less than 0.3 module. In each case, our skilled engineers provide production plans according to customer’s requests.

Profile measurement

We confirm compliance with your tolerance and display the result by using CMM profile measurements. Our goal is to consistently provide precise mechanical and visual accuracy in both regular and irregular-shaped parts.

Guiding the best solution at wellequipped facility

In addition to machining, we possess die-sinking EDM, wire EDM, and profile grinding machines.
After evaluation, our metal processing specialist will offer you the best solution for your needs.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests.