Design and production of test equipment

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Design and production of test equipment. 3D resign machining, small to large

Quick response to customer’s requests.
When we receive an inquiry, sales and design visit the customer and discuss a rough plan. Then, we prepare the conception drawing. At the second meeting, we confirm detail conditions. Later, we submit the final drawing and the estimate sheet.
As soon as it approved, we start the production.
Main products:
Test device of pressure,Temperature and flow measurement,Pressure proof transparent duct(max.1MP)
Chemical resistance equipment,Large size resin products,Jigs

①Fluid visualization research
Easy replaceable transparent acrylic pipes are machined from resin block and polished.
②Laser 3D molding(Inconel 718)
Low cost production of complex shape with hard-to-cut materials(SUS,Titanium, Inconel, Aluminum and Maraging steels)
③large size 3D machining
Drilling φ150 hole on the body of φ600pipe
④Fluid junction model
The transparent cylinder and blue piston are made of resin blocks by means of cut machining and polished .
⑤Chemical proof filter
More than 2,500 φ0.2 holes per square inch on the triangle surface