Large machining (aerospace)

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Address 1047-5 Mukouyama,Naka-si,Ibaraki 311-0102 JAPAN

Providing quality for the aerospace industry with JISQ9100 certification

Aero engine parts machining, design and manufacture of large jigs for aerospace, development and manufacture of structures for nano-satellites
We have a super-large 5-face machining center and a large turning center to solve your problems in machining large workpieces.

CubeSat type:3U / CubeSat type:6U

CubeSat is a small satellite weighing only a few kilograms. It is designed to be launched as a piggyback satellite to minimize launch costs.

We are promoting "made in ibaraki super-satellite development" by utilizing our experience in designing and manufacturing large jigs for the aerospace industry. We want to make satellite manufacturing a regional industry in ibaraki! We are working with the goal of